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What can I expect? 

You choose the venue for your interviews. Most clients find it relaxing to be in a place they know well, usually their own home. During the interviews, you may find it helpful to consult the LifeAttic promptbook to help focus your recollection, so do have that to hand. Your interviewer will suggest ideas as well as ask questions to make sure you get the most from your store of thoughts and recollections. The interview will be unobtrusively recorded, and your interviewer will make notes. After the second interview, photographs for inclusion in your biography may be taken for scanning, though you can forward images yourself if you wish. Naturally, all the information you provide is confidential and data-protected. 


• You’ve decided to begin your biography and have contacted LifeAttic by phone or email. 

• Your interviewer will call to discuss your biography as well as to arrange dates and the initial payment. Next, she’ll email or post information about what to expect, including the lifeattic promptbook. 

• Enjoy your first interview. At this time your preferred written style will be discussed. You should now begin to gather the photographs and images you would like to appear in your book 

• Interview two. This is the time to pass to your interviewer the photos you would like to appear in your biography. Alternatively, scan them in yourself or send as email attachments. 

• Your biographer writes your story. This may take two to three weeks. During this time please expect several phone calls or emails to clarify the details which will make your biography so personal and engaging. 

• The first full draft is ready for you to check! This is the time to send off the second and final payment. 

• Fine-tuning accomplished, you’ll receive a final version to approve before it goes off to print. 

Receive your beautiful biography